Flowers For A Pandemic

COVID-19 Store News

Flowers. For generations flowers have been a gift of choice. They bring a sense of happiness, well-being, and thoughtfulness. During periods of emotional hardship, extended isolation, or heightened stress flowers can help improve mood, mental health, and even reduce anxiety. We at The Enchanted Rose Floral Co wholly believe in all those benefits of flowers, and we feel our forever flowers can amplify that effect. A small addition to any home, office, or car that serves as a reminder that someone cared, and a permanent ray of hope.

At this point, everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. Everywhere you turn there is more negative or depressing news than before. The world outlook has been bleak at best, but we all have the power to bring at least a little light back into the world. Here at The Enchanted Rose Floral Co we want to help you spread that light. Throughout the duration of quarantine and social distancing we will be offering free single stem flowers to everyone, no purchase necessary just pay shipping and handling. You can even combine your free stem with our other products to make a personalized gift. The idea is to send that stem to someone you know that could use a little bit of a pick me up: essential employees, military members, medical personnel, the elderly in assisted living facilities, anyone isolated alone, or anyone you know struggling in these trying times. Don’t know someone who could use the pick me up? No worries! You can donate a stem to someone in need by reaching out to us and we can set up a donation in your name. Since our flowers never die, they make a memorable memento that will stand the test of time. Our flowers can even be sanitized (read about sanitizing your flowers here) which makes them an even better gift to receive during this pandemic.

Single stem wood flowers

We also recognize that there is another group suffering from this separation. That group is teacher, professors, and educators. Most of them left their students on a Friday before spring break, not knowing it would be the last goodbye of the year, not given the opportunity to find closure with their students moving on. They are doing their best to continue teaching during these troubled times, in a method completely new to most of them. We do not want to forget their sacrifices either, so we have discounted all our magnets in honor of teachers. They make the perfect gift to send, as they will last forever, they will fit in any classroom, they bring a bit of happiness in a time of turmoil, and they will serve as a lasting reminder that their students cared and appreciated them. For every magnet purchased and sent to an impacted teacher we will also include a handwritten note and gift wrapping for free; for every five (5) magnets purchased we will donate one to an impacted teacher.

Apple and pumpkin magnets in different sizes and colors

While we hope that others will step up to send forever flowers to those holding the lines for us, we know not everyone might be reached. In attempt to reach as many of our country’s essential employees we are offering a special discount for those people. If you are a military member, medical professional, daycare worker, assisted/ elderly living facility worker, teacher/ school staff member, grocery employee, or any other essential employee please contact us for your exclusive discount.

As we rally together as a country, as a society, and vulnerable humans lets spread hope as far as we can. While we at The Enchanted Rose Floral Co strive to aid in that endeavor, we challenge everyone to find some way to give back. Write a letter to someone isolated alone, be more patient when shopping, thank your delivery person (even if it cannot be in person), send a text just to let someone know you’re thinking of them, get creative, but above all remember we can get through this together.

-The Enchanted Rose Floral Company

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