How are wood flowers different from real or silk?

These wood flowers are ethically and enviornmentally sourced, they require fewer resources than traditional cut flowers and less manufacturing than silk.  Our flowers will last forever, as long as they are properly cared for. If you would like to learn more about how our wood flowers have a Global Impact, click the link to read more. What are your wood flowers made of?

Our flowers are made from the roots and bark of several different plants such as tapioca, yucca, and some balsa. 

How do I place a custom order, event order, or a corporate order?

You can place anyone of these orders by contacting us, by emailing us at support@theenchantedrosefloralcompany.com or by filling out one of the following forms:

Custom Order

Event Order

Corporate Order

When will I receive my order?

The time it takes for you to receive your order depends on both the type of product or service, and the shipping or delivery. Orders are processed and fulfilled based on the type of product or service needed, and then shipped based on the method picked at checkout.

How long is production time?

Production time depends on the product or service that you have purchased. For ready made items, they will ship out within 7-10 business days based on the order number. For custom ready made items they will ship out within 14-21 business days unless we have discussed a different time line. Local deliveries are fulfilled based on the requested and agreed upon delivery date when ordered. For all custom and event orders, the delivery time line will be determined during consultation. If at anytime you feel that you need a more up to date timeline, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help. 

How long does it take to ship my order?

Shipping times depend on the carrier you picked at check out. Once we turn over your package to the shipping company we have no control over how fast it is delivered to you. However, if you feel that your package should have been delivered already, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us and we will help determine where in transit your package is.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we delivery locally within 30 miles of our location for a fee. However, we do not do same day delivery. Typical processing time for local deliveries is 7 days. When ordering, let us know that you would like local delivery and we can discuss your deliver fee. In certain circumstances the fee can be waived or is already included in your price. 

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns at this time due to the nature of the product. If you feel that you did not receive the product that you ordered, or if it arrived damaged, please contact us or email us at support@theenchantedrosefloralcompany.com so that we can help resolve your problem. 

Do you offer discounts? 

We offer discounts periodically. Sign up for our email list, and be the first to know when they happen. 

How long do your flowers really last?

With the proper care, wood flowers can last forever as they do not die like live and cut flowers. They also require very little care to maintain, and are great for everyone, even that one person you know who doesn’t have a green thumb.

How do I care for my flowers?

Its really simple! Head over to How to Care for Your Flowers to learn more.