Global Impact

Roll of wood for sola flower

Wood flowers have a positive impact on a global scale. The plants and trees that the wood flowers are made of are drought resistant, insect prone, and sustainable. From planting to consumer, the flowers are 100% handmade. The plants are grown, harvested, and prepared in South East Asia, countries such as Thailand. The harvest and preparation are done by women in the area, giving them not only a job and income to support their families, but a form of independence as well.

Once the materials reach the Untied States, they are then formed, by the hands of a service disabled veteran woman, into the beautiful floral arrangements and products you see on our site. These flowers last forever which also adds to their positive global impact, not to mention they make the make the perfect declaration of love and appreciation. Why does all of this matter though?

Cut flowers have a huge negative global impact, from the water and land required to grow the flowers, to the pesticides and fertilizers required to produce the ever better flower, to the resources needed to ship the flowers into the US. An average of 10 million cut flowers are bought and sold, daily,  in the US alone. This enormous demand for flowers means that the US is responsible for a large part of the environmental impact of cut flowers.

Field of flowers

Most cut flowers are planted, harvested, and prepared by machinery, not by hand. Often, the first time a cut flower is purposefully handled by hand is when the florist who received them places them in arrangments or vases. 

Large farms and corporations control the cut flower industry, and while there are numerous small floral business in your local area, most of them rely on the larger companies to supply them with flowers grown overseas. With the growing trend to support local and underserved businesses, more and more people are looking to buy from the small shop instead of the large corporations. However, aside from the local florist shop who works on the front end of consumer purchasing, there are very few options available for consumers to truly buy products that are, from beginning to end, sourced from small and underserved businesses. 

While cut flowers are gorgeous, they have a very short life span, and most customers want to get a little more mileage out of their purchase. Surprisingly there are very few viable options for people to choose from though. 

This is where The Enchanted Rose steps in. We, as a company, are looking to provide consumers with the option to buy a high quality product that cares about the environment, is handmade from start to finish, supports small and underserved business (especially those supporting women in the workplace) all along the supply chain, all with a product quality that matches its value. OH! And did we mention that our flowers last forever?